Area Representative

What is a NerdsToGo Area Representative?

An Area Representative with NerdsToGo is someone in the unique position of controlling the development rights for a given NerdsToGo area. This territory would be carved out by NerdsToGo's Franchise Development Team. A typical "Area" could be major metropolitan area, an entire city, or in some cases an entire state. The Area Representative buys the rights to market and helps develop the territory for a Brand. By assisting with this growth, the Area Representative can benefit financially from the initial Franchise Fees and on-going monthly Royalty fees collected within the area, as well as, the territorial value appreciation as the Brand matures.

At NerdsToGo, our Area Representatives:

  • Looking for an active or semi-active role in a business
  • Want the support of a proven Franchise Development Team
  • Have the Business Savvy to be in a groundbreaking businss
  • Has Leadership Skills and Decision-Making capabilities
  • Has access to adequate finances and good credit
  • Are confident and self-starters

Are You Ready to be an Area Representative?

While thinking about franchise investment, one of the main concerns that many entrepreneurs have is their return on investment. The truth is that calculating the return on investment is a fairly intuitive and straightforward process. To begin with it is important to note that this is not a passive investment like buying stocks and bonds. The return on investment is dependent, to some extent, on the skills and talent of the franchise owner, quality and growth potential of the brand, in addition to the amount of funds invested. When comparing the risk to rewards, many entrepreneurs have found buying franchises to be very attractive and one of the fastest ways to accumulate wealth and we believe being a NerdsToGo Area Representative is the best ways to do so.

Our Area Representative Agreements are offered by prospectus only. Call NerdsToGo at (888) 978-1278 to request more information if you are ready to take the next steps.